Vintage Pyrex

It all started about 7 years ago when I found an adorable little snowflake divided dish just after I got married. I wanted it for our first Thanksgiving table.. it was perfect.. no chips or scratches, a beautiful aqua color, and just the hint of winter to come. I was hooked. It baked evenly, it came clean, nothing stuck, and it was pretty! Since then my collection has grown to over fill one glass cabinet in our home.

I am sure my husband does not see the excitement in collecting vintage cookware that you cannot throw in the dishwasher but, I sure do! The beauty is not the least bit lost on me, nope, not at all. I collect the entire snowflake line (every color), pink (every pattern), aqua (every pattern), black (every pattern), and lime green. The lime green is unexpected here right? Well, I have *always* loved aqua blue and lime green together.. so it should come as no surprise for people who knew this about me! and I love just about anything vintage. If it’s from the 50′s even better!

I love them. I love every little one of them. Dearly.

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