Travalo : Beauty Tuesday

Have you heard of Travalo travel sized perfume atomizers? They are supposed to be super easy to use by just placing the end on top of your standard spray perfume and pump. They also make roller ball styles which really got me excited because I love roll on perfume!

Sounds easy right? I ordered the black roller ball style and anxiously counted down the days to delivery. When it came I was so excited so I grabbed my bottle of my favorite perfume and tried to fill it.

Only, it wouldn’t fill. At all. It just kept spilling my expensive perfume all over the base. It never held more than 3 pumps after wasting about 25 — obviously I stopped using the expensive perfume and switched to trying a body spray.. thinking maybe my perfume top may have been too large or small.. the body spray had the same result. To say I was disappointed was the understatement of the century. HOW could these things have such amazing reviews?! Obviously mine was defective? So I set about getting a return.. then I decided to order the spray instead of the roller ball to see if I could compare and test.

Here’s a shot to compare. The spray filled with no problems at all and I was satisfied that I had a product that I could carry around…. until..

See that? that is perfume leaking from the bottom. Now, to be fair, this only happens when the bottle is held on the end and is warm (like being held)…… but if you are using a travalo, I would seriously advise not using any perfume that is too spendy because evaporation and leakage WILL happen.

My advice? Save your money. Buy one of those with the screw off tops and use a funnel to fill. They cost about the same and your product isn’t going to leak. I kept the pink one but had someone told me that they leaked this way, I probably would have purchased something different.

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