Space Donuts! : WIP Wednesday

I had originally had purchased fall prints for my Donut quilt and had other plans for the constellation print but then I saw Amanda’s space donuts and knew that I just had to join her! I chose to make the twin size and I used the background for the borders.

The finished quilt turned out better than I expected, it’ll be a great reading quilt! I’ve asked for a warm batting (Michigan gets cold!!) and I think we are going to use Hobbs 100% wool batting.

I’ve shipped this one off to Crinklelove to quilt. She was generous enough to offer her services at a discount for all of the #donutqal quilts if they are shipped before 10/31! I am so excited to see what she can do with it!

Here are my original fabrics… I’m still thinking I might go ahead and make another Donut quilt! I mean… you can never have too many donuts right!?

Date Started: October 14, 2014
Pattern: Donuts by Johanna Masko
Fabrics: Various but background is Witch Hazel by Riley Blake

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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2 Responses to Space Donuts! : WIP Wednesday

  1. Colleen says:

    yumm, donuts. nice job.
    I like the fall color pull – for some reason I immediately thought of the modern maples block… then it hit me – fall colors, maple leaf… duh

    • Thank you :) Modern Maples is on my list too! I’ve got a few fall-ish fabrics for that already but I think I might wanna use some batiks for it, I’ve never really used them before and I think that would showcase them nicely :)

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