Make-Up Brushes & Cleaning : Beauty Tuesday

I posted this photo on instagram/facebook while cleaning my make up brushes and, I got some questions about what I use to clean them & keep them looking nice. I thought I’d share the recipe here as well. :) I’ve had my brushes for years and years and this recipe keeps them looking like new.

DIY Brush Cleaner
1c Distilled/Filtered Water
1/4c Distilled White Vinegar
1/2TBLsp Gentle Baby Shampoo
1/2TBLsp Gentle Dish Soap
1TBLsp Leave-In Conditioner

Mix together gently and store in a clean, air tight container. To use, add a small amount to a cup or bowl and swirl brush in the liquid, rinse and dry your brushes on an absorbent towel. Never dry brushes standing in a cup as this can destroy the brush.

NOTE: If you share your brushes, replace the vinegar with equal amount of isopropyl alcohol. I find that the vinegar does the job of disinfecting just fine and is less drying to the brushes however, if you share your brushes it’s important to remove any bacteria and alcohol is the better choice.

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