A Blanket for Leanne

Remember when I mentioned that I had another cousin who recently had a baby? 2 brothers, 2 first-time babies, both girls! This one is for little Leanne. I really love how soft and cushy it is. It’s a thick minky pink backing with a soft pink satin edging and a colorful bird print on white cotton. Her nursery is pretty girly and I thought that her blanket should be too! :)

I really hope she grows up to love the blanket and totes it around as a toddler. It’s one of my favorites. It’s slightly thicker than most minky that I have worked with which is nice.. it’s got the thickness of blizzard fleece but is still minky and it adds to the cushion of the blanket.. it’s almost quilt-like. I also sent along a small little pink teddy bear (the scentsy pig is mine) that matches the color of the blanket from GUND. It’s so much fun trying to imagine what she will grow up to look like, be like, and if she will love pink as much as I do ;) I have yet to meet her or Monroe :( but I hope to very soon!

After I finish my urgent-quilts, I am going to make myself one of these for our sofa.. or 5! How amazing would it be to curl up and watch tv, read a book, drink tea, or nap under one of these amazing things?! I know some ladies who have made smaller versions for themselves.. I think I need to hop on that train ASAP!

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